Art Pavilion Burgbrohl

Avaroid Institute

The Institute is led by Patrick judge, and Thomas Blank

Interventions, and exhibit 7. – 12. June 2016


  1. In June 2016, Seismographic recording of the Region
  2. In June 2016, studies on the administration of Saxony
  3. In June 2016, studies in the education of Saxony
  4. In June 2016, investigations of consumer axes


  1. June, 19.30, insight into the research and introduction to methods of psycho-hygiene
  2. June 14 – 19, the Opening of the collection
  3. June 2016 from 11: 30 am, "the Brunch Lecture" applied buffet research

The Directors of the Institute's Patrick judge and Thomas Blank took advantage of the invitation of the AIM e. V., to test for a few days, new instruments and to check pending results from past studies in the ArtLab of the art pavilion, Burgbrohl, Germany and surroundings. The Directors Patrick Richter and Thomas Blank work at the interface of performative Intervention and media art. In the ArtLab collection presented in the Institute gave insights into the world of Avariten. Avaroid a high-technology Institute, which examines the avaritischen infestation caused phenomena of greed is.

The fictional Institution examined the Avariten, a parasitic infection that triggers greed in people. The artistic and TRANS-disciplinary research, deals with the damage parasites, the life with other living beings draws from its Use. The Institute Avaroid sees itself as a humanistic institution, and is working to be Offered to the formation of the Public.