Art Pavilion Burgbrohl

"Where nothing is visible, the river flows"- Marcel Crépon & Stan Lafleur

Exhibition 14. April – 25. May 2018
Lecture Stan Lafleur 14. April 19 PM

Introductory Words: Rita, Anna Tüpper M. A.

For the technical realisation and exhibition design Roland Bergère is responsible. The phenomenon of the flowing water the French border researcher Marcel Crépon on the ground: He moves in for years, along the Rhine, and over him, collecting impressions, stories and objects of the river with the Rhine falls of Schaffhausen, and on the island of Nonnenwerth in Rolandseck.

Since 2013, these findings diving on the spirit of relatives Blogg the writer Stan Lafleur, and goings-on here in a digital current. In the art pavilion Burgbrohl the river-pieces Crépons will come in analog and digital in appearance and in fluid contact with the visitors. After many German-French border, courses, this is the first exhibition Crépons in Germany.

For Crépon and Lafleur, the Rhine has been a Fluxus-reality: He washed the Absurd!