Art Pavilion Burgbrohl


Performance art

When? 15.09.2021 – 18 to 20 PM

Where? Imperial Hall Burgbrohl, Germany, Wilhelm-Bell-Straße 11, 56659 Burgbrohl

Black Market International in Burgbrohl with:

Alastair MacLennan (GB)

Boris Nieslony (ENG)

Elvira Santamaria Torres (MEX)

Helge Meyer (ENG)

Jacques van Poppel (NLD)

Myriam Laplante (ITA)

Roi Vaara (FIN)

as a guest, Sandra Johnston (GB)

The Name refers to the principle of "black market". The exchange of goods are cultural values. The "negotiation" about "value" and "value" are the total content of the activities of the events of the principle of "Black Market". A basic pattern is that there should be no fixed structures, since everything is in the exchange and everything is in relationship to each other. The meetings of the "BLACK MARKET INTERNATIONAL" as a mental network can be viewed as a utopia. A "continuous Design", of whatever nature, social, cultural, and aesthetic relationships.

This utopian principle was in 1986 for the first Time to the public in an effective and 1987, in a 24-hour Performance on the documenta 8 shown. Performances to be found EXPO 2000 in Hanover, and almost all of the major Performance Festivals in the world, from Venice to Singapore instead.

Since then, more than 150 artists and theorists*have contributed to the Interior to the principle of "Black Market". The spectrum ranges from dance, theatre, visual art and art history until the system theory. It is a coming Together, which is called by the players and stakeholders to "encounter". In this encounter, global networks, and the temporary communities. A model that is discarded after each realization, and designed every encounter new

Supported by the Ministry of family, women, culture, and Integration