Art Pavilion Burgbrohl

presents the ART of THE ENCOUNTER°7

Performance art and action laboratory 19.10.– 22.10.2018

with Chakkrit Chimnok (THA), Pattree Chimnok (THA), Jeremy Hiah (SGP), Tokyo Maruyama (JPN), Watan Wuma (TWN), Yeh Tzu-Chi (TWN), Béatrice Didier (BEL), Boris Nieslony (DE) Britta Lieberknecht (DE), Keike Twisselmann (DE), Rolf Schulz (DE), Ute-Marie Paul (DE) Moderation: Karin My (DE)

Kick-off meeting and presentation of the artists
19.10 2018, 20 Uhr | ArtLab in the art pavilion Burgbrohl

Performance art and Interventions
20.10.2018, from 15 to 18 h | workshops in addition to the Museumslay in Mendig

Solo, Duo, Groups & Open Source Performances
21.10.2018, from 13 -17 | monument area Sayner Hütte in Bendorf

Performative exploration of the vicinity
22.10.2018, 13 p.m. | meeting point ArtLab in the art pavilion Burgbrohl           

In this project, the action lab PAErsche (Cologne), Performance Art Research (Hildesheim), the cascade condenser (Basel), the Association of TYPE IG (Hannover) and the ArtLab at the art pavilion Burgbrohl had closed together.

Under the title "the art of encounter" met artists from Thailand, Taiwan, Japan, Singapore, Belgium, and Germany, with the aim of their methods, models, and artistic strategies in the field of Performance art to bring to the view and each other and with the public.

One that has gained a lot of Knowledge and experience to these questions, is the founder of the "Black Load", an archive for Performance and Performance Art, project, art, and networks in the promotion of art, the Cologne-based Performance artist, theorist, curator, and NetWorker Boris Nieslony. Together with the performer Sakiko Yamaoka (Tokyo), he has developed in 2005, the project format, "the ART of THE ENCOUNTER/The Art of Encoutering", with this project in the 7. Round.

Rhineland-Palatinate, 2018 under the Motto "industrial culture promoted by the cultural summer"