Art Pavilion Burgbrohl

The Institute for inter-sense research | Claudia Antonius & Jörg Jozwiak


2020 and 2021 realised Claudia, Anthony & Jörg Jozwiak the project We were there? It's not about you half to the reconstruction of existing-public interior spaces.

In August 2020, you were the first Time in the art pavilion Burgbrohl and have had the opportunity to meet some people and conduct Interviews. In the process, have identified two interesting objects: the former cinema next to the Inn "Zur Traube" and the little pub "Ohlert's Ann", later "Club 99".

The memories of former visitors*the interior show very different! Now, the Duo poses several questions, such As are implemented in the different memories artistically? Will be created a number of Works to a location or in a joined together?

Corona-Pandemic requires a flexibility of the presence dates: planned visits were changed, 2020 in Burgbrohl. Instead, it was in February 2021 "Simulation-Residence" implemented, i.e. the Institute for inter meaning of research worked in Vienna in the project, and devoted himself entirely to the "Ohlert's music video". By Online Video Conferences Claudia, Anthony & Jörg Jozwiak found in artist's talks with interested participants, their work and way of thinking.

The Institute for inter-mind research 2015 by Claudia Antonius and Jörg Jozwiak launched. Devote yourself to the exploration of the area between sense and nonsense, deep meaning, a deeper meaning and sense of freedom. Her Works are set to no form of artistic expression, and play with different disciplines. In the process, they explore seriousness in the Humorous and Humor in the Serious.

Claudia Antoniusgeb. 1969 in Vienna

2003 Academy Certificate (Diploma)
2000-2003 painting studies at the art Academy in Düsseldorf
1997-2000 painting studies at the University of applied arts Vienna
In 1998, the Magisterium of art history, University of Salzburg

Jörg Jozwiak, geb. 1972 in Bremen, Germany

2014 Promotion (artistic PhD), Goldsmiths College, London
2003 Academy certificate (diploma) and a master student of sculpture,
Art Academy In Düsseldorf
2001-2003 study of geography, and philosophy at the University of Düsseldorf
1997-1998 study of Mixed Media Arts at Liverpool Art School

AIM e. V. is a carrier of the Artist-in-Residence program in the ArtLab of the art pavilion, Burgbrohl, Germany and is happy about a promotion by the Federal program, the land of culture of the Federal Ministry of agriculture and food.