Art Pavilion Burgbrohl

ARTIST-IN-RESIDENCE 16. Sept. to 3. Oct. 2018

The world Declaration of Burgbrohl

  • Sunday | 16.92018 | 18 hours | opening and presentation of the artists
  • Sunday | 23.09.2018 | 15:00 | open workshop on the design of the radio play
  • Sunday | 30.09.2018 | 15:00 | open workshop on the design of the radio play
  • Wednesday | 3.10.2018 | 16:00 | final presentation of the radio play

In the context of their guest artist's stay, the two performance artists have visited the inside of Julia's Thick and katharinajej the whole village: the citizens, the Council, the supermarket, restaurant, castle and factory. Also on the street, to languages people, and confronted them with simple Why questions to which the obvious, habits, and ideas about the own home. With this method, the two artists probed inside, the entire locality and produced it "an auditory image" on the everyday structures of the rural place and the people living there. With an Audio-recording device katze und krieg took up the questions and answers. 

In the open art Studio of the art pavilion BURGBROHL the sound recordings have been consulted with the Stakeholders and discussed. In exchange designed cat and war the collected Material, the sound collage "The world Declaration of Burgbrohl, Germany". This was heard at the conclusion of the residence on 3.10.18, together with the castle brohlern and all Interested parties.

Nominated for the national prize competition "innovation award for socio-cultural" theme of the HOME by the Board of Trustees of the Federal funds socio-culture e. V. cat and war, the performance of the artists katharinajej and Juliet Thick. Both live and work in Cologne. Their artistic collaboration began in 2007 during her studies at the Hochschule für Bildende Künste in Braunschweig, Germany. Since then, they intervene in our everyday world, in the German-speaking and international public space, in the context of various Festivals and exhibition projects.

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