Art Pavilion Burgbrohl

Performance art | Intervention in the public space

collaborative residency festival 26. until 31. May 2017

with Sanmu Chan (HKG), To Yeuk HKG), Nanxi Liu (HKG), dolphins Richer (F), Boris Nieslony, Christiane Obermayr, Karin My, Marita Bullmann, Petra Deus, Rolf Hinterecker, Thomas Reul, Ute-Marie Paul

Presentation of the artists

  1. May 2017 from 18 PM at the art pavilion Burgbrohl

Interventions in public space

  1. May 2017 from 14 to 17 at the market square in Ahrweiler

Performative exploration in the Brohltal

  1. May 2017 from 14 o'clock in the art pavilion Burgbrohl

In the context of a “collaborative residency festival” came together Chinese and European performance artists in the ArtLab at the art pavilion Burgbrohl and the marketplace in Ahrweiler, in order to develop in spontaneous joint performances actions of the Moment and show.

Varied opportunities are forms of active private and public participation, there are people from all sectors of society, not only in the field of traditional arts, allows you to experience the view of performing arts, immediately and enjoy. The public space is a stimulating platform for this Form of intervention and irritation caused by previously never-before-seen and experienced images.

AIM e. V./ArtLab in the art pavilion, Burgbrohl, Germany, in cooperation with ASA European/ Epi-centre of Cologne and