Art Pavilion Burgbrohl

Performance art | Intervention in the public space

collaborative residency festival from 13. to 20.Sept. 2017

with Aor Nopawan (THA), Sareen Sattapon (THA), Mongkol Plienbangchang (THA), Gisela Hochuli (CH), Dominik Lipp (CH), Anja Plonka, Boris Nieslony, Christiane Obermayr, Christiane Oppermann, Karin My, Ute-Marie Paul

performative exploration
14. Sept. In 2017, 14 at surroundings in the Brohltal

Lecture and presentations
14. Sept. 2017, starting at 19 PM in the ArtLab|art pavilion Burgbrohl

Deepening of exploration
15. Sept. 2017, from 14 o'clock in the vicinity

Lecture and presentations
15. Sept. 2017, starting at 19 PM in the ArtLab|art pavilion Burgbrohl

Performance art and common interventions
17. Sept. In 2017, 14 to 17 at the marketplace Ahrweiler

18. Sept. 2017 from 14 o'clock Trasshöhlen in Brohltal

common interventions
19. Sept. 2017 13 at castle olbrück castle

In the context of a “collaborative residency festival” were three Thai and eight performance artists from the European performance art networks PANCH, Switzerland, and PAErsche guest in the ArtLab of the art pavilion Burgbrohl. Aim is to raise awareness of Live Art, performance art, and performance art as an integral part of the world in and around us and to see as an inspiring Reflection and experience enriching.

AIM e. V./ArtLab in the art pavilion, Burgbrohl, Germany, in cooperation with ASA European/ Epi-centre of Cologne and