katze und krieg

ARTIST IN RESIDENCE Sept. 16 to Oct. 3, 2018

The World Declaration of Burgbrohl

  • Sunday | 16.9.2018 | 6 pm | Opening and introduction of the artists
  • Sunday | 23.9.2018 | 3 pm | open workshop for the creation of the radio play
  • Sunday | 30.9.2018 | 3 pm | open workshop for the creation of the radio play
  • Wednesday | 3.10.2018 | 4 pm | Closing presentation of the radio play

Being artist-in-residence at the KUNSTPAVILLON BURGBROHL in automn 2018, katze und krieg visit the entire village of Burgbrohl: the people living there, the supermarket, pub, castle and fabric. Even on the street, they address people and confront them with simple "why" questions about taken for grantedness, habits, their ideas about their own home and their everyday life. katze und krieg record questions and answers with an audio recorder. Using this method, katze und krieg scan the entire village and create an "auditive picture" of the structure of the village.

 In discussion with the inhabitants of Burgbrohl, they create the sound collage „THE WORLD DECLARATION OF BURGBROHL", which was presented at the end of their residency on 3rd October 2018. Nominated for the federal prize competition "Innovationspreis Soziokultur" (innovation prize for socio-culture), guiding theme HEIMAT by the board of trustees of the Bundesfonds Soziokultur e.V. (federal fund for socio-culture).                                                                                                                                                               

katze und krieg are the performance artists katharinajej and Julia Dick. Both live and work in Cologne. Their artistic collaboration began in 2007 during their studies at the Hochschule für Bildende Künste in Braunschweig. Since then they have intervened in our everyday world, in the German-speaking and international public space, within the framework of various festivals and exhibition projects.


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