Yingmei Duan - ARTIST IN RESIDENCE May 20 to September 28, 2019

24 May | 12 - 2 pm | Performance_Lecture | KSG Andernach

8 June | 6 pm | Welcome and presentation of the project

10 June | from 12 noon international family festival |Haus der Kultur Burgbrohl

25 August | 6 pm | singing performance | church in Burgbrohl-Lützingen

26 August | 11-18 h | Lecture | Mentoring Project Mainz

1 September | 10 am | Interaction & Video | Schützenfest Lützingen

21 & 22 September | final presentation | introductory words: Jürgen Bernhard Kuck | at the Kunstpavillon Burgbrohl and the „Alte Schule“ Lützingen

Exhibition with: Arian Raphael Beck, Lena Beck, Johannes Bell, Agathe Bermel, Sabine Bermel, Werner Blum, Petra Deus, Nora Deus, Nico Gertel, Dirk Hansen, Tom Jäger, Renate Kohns, Dieter Marczykowski, Katja Mathieu & Thomas Wagner, Karin Meiner, Eberhard T. Müller, Maria Müller, Karl & Marliese Nebgen, Andrea Neideck, Andreas Petri, Herbert Reinthal, Ruth Retterath, Udo Rindsfüsser, Conny Rindsfüsser, Doreen Röder, Simone Schneider, Katharina Volkert, TuS Niederoberweiler e.V. & Petra Weidenbach, Ilse Weiler, Projekt Flüchtlinge als Fachkräfte in Firmen integrieren (PFIFFIG), L. Scheffel and G. Weber/ ÖFH Bad Neuenahr.

During her residency at the Kunstpavillon Burgbrohl, Yingmei Duan participated in the cultural activities of the local community and developed Collaborative Performance, Object Interactive Performance and Objects & Video Interactive Performances together with more than 30 people between the ages of 11 and 91. At their meetings Yingmei always had a video camera with her and filmed. 

In the exhibition, a "video portrait" was shown for about 3-15 minutes, based on the stories and life experiences of their "co-workers" and a personal object related to the video and the participants. The visitors could interact with the objects. In addition, each work had a small note that humorously described the object, the owner and their connection.

Through this artistic working method Yingmei Duan creates connections between people and people, people and objects, objects and objects, people and space, space and space, exterior and interior, practically a "three-dimensional network" in which everyone can influence each other.

AIM e.V. is responsible for the artist-in-residence programme in the ArtLab of the Kunstpavillon Burgbrohl and is pleased to receive funding from the Federal Programme LandKULTUR of the Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Food.