Matthias Schamp ARTIST IN RESIDENCE 2020 to 2021 Due to the Corona, Matthias Schamp is constantly realigning his project plans, because what the guest artist, selected by a jury, originally wanted to realize in the Kunstpavillon Burgbrohl the restrictions in the context of the corona pandemic have thwarted. During his first stay in Burgbrohl, Schamp put out his feelers to the "Edible City" of Andernach to set up another station of his MYTHOS GRILL there. The foundation stone of the MYTHOS GRILL was laid in 1998. The architecture of the chip shop and everyday archaeological venue includes theory and practice rooms. The company is a chip shop and everyday archaeological venue at the same time. Since then, MYTHOS GRILL has flourished with temporary branches in museums and art institutions at home and abroad. In the process, the range of products has been permanently expanded. Whether with fish-stick- delivery-service, frikandel relay race, be-your-own-MYTHOS GRILL ointment, chip-fork-sorting action, deep-fryer colour circle or sculptural potato carving. For the MYTHOS GRILL in the " Edible City", Matthias Schamp wanted to delve deep into the cultural history of the potato.


Matthias Schamp was able to carry out his art action SCHLECHTE VERSTECKE corona-independently in Burgbrohl. He can do this action alone, without the cooperation of other people. In the end, however, people will find themselves in the action. That is, when the bad hiding places documented by Polaroid come together to form a very special "location portrait". Matthias Schamp is a specialist for BAD HIDINGS. From 2000 to 2004, SCHLECHTE VERSTECKE was published monthly in the Frankfurt satire magazine TITANIC. His connoisseurship extends equally to good hiding places as well as bad hiding places whereby it should be noted that a bad hiding place does not always have to be a bad hiding place, neither in the ontological nor in the moral sense. There are many good bad hiding spots. Matthias Schamp claims: "Hiding badly is radical failure as a method. I understand it as a kind of cure. In a world where success is the measure of all things, it is immensely beneficial NOT to get an action done that even the last fool could do without effort. Try it out. Whether at work or at home. You'll realise how pleasant it is and how many friends you will gain from it." He derives the demand: "No public building without secret nooks and crannies! No room without a fold! No space without a place! People - play more hide and seek!"

Matthias Schamp, born 1964 1983 to 1990 studied art history and philosophy at the Ruhr-Uni-Bochum since 1988 exhibitions, various actions and projects at home and abroad: Solo and group exhibitions, literature, actions and projects (selection): since 2019 with Helene Skladny & Stephan Strsembski operator of Schwanenmarkt 1 - laboratory for art and social research, Bochum 2019 Curator of the exhibition The Pet Project, Kunstmuseum Bochum 2017 Festival writer for Steirischer Herbst, Graz (Austria) 2013 Directed a Goethe Guerilla workshop in Budapest (commissioned by the Goethe-Institut). 2014 Concept & organisation: Reflect & Fry, Kunstmuseum Mülheim 2007 Concept & organisation: Reflect & Fry, series of events on the relationship between high culture and everyday culture at the Kunstmuseum Bochum (as part of Der Mythos-Grill) 1998 Start of the series SCHLECHTE VERSTECKE/Bad Hiding Places 1997 Foundation of the MYTHOS GRILL

AIM e.V. is responsible for the artist-in-residence programme in the ArtLab of the Burgbrohl Art Pavilion and is pleased to receive funding from the federal LandKULTUR programme of the Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Food.